Don't bother me, I'm shopping

and dancing and eating and cocktailing and possibly even looking down from the Empire State Building. After a long week at work to clear my desk of all projects and loose ends (36 hours in as of Wednesday night, even,) I am now set to pack and hop a jet plane to Manhattan for the weekend. Fares between JFK and LHR are scandalously low if you keep an eye out, and the women from my MBA and I got lucky and found one. We're all heading to NYC to celebrate finishing the degree. VERY exciting.

We're staying at the Ameritania, which is right next door to The Late Show with David Letterman. We've gotten directions to a secret fake purse shop and lots of restaurant recommendations and plans for cocktails with other alumni who live in New York and dancing at the Pyramid Club on Friday with CP and PG and I even get to have dinner and watch the Oscars and stay the night with my boys, as well.

It's been a shitty week, and I can hardly wait.


Mnmom said…
Take a good big bite of the Big Apple!
lulu said…
Did someone say "Secret Fake Purse Shop"?
Dale said…
Excellent! Have a fantastic time! Wait, you already are!
michaelg said…
I'm so jealous. Hey, will you get to meet Mama Gin? I want to see a Mama Gin that features you as a co-star.
Joe said…
Wow. Sounds excellent!
Cup said…
CONGRATS! And have a great time.

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