Celebrity, vol 5

She's a spastic freakazoid. Seriously, she's not funny, she's insane. That girl ain't right, I tell you.

Molly Shannon it is! FYI, that Mary Catherine Gallagher character? She's not acting.


This was one of your clues, I'm sure. I know who you're talking about and I still think you're being unfair. Although I have to admit I'm agreeing with you more and more about that one girl you're afraid will show up at my door.

ps: you should call me, I'm up. (8:11 am NY time)
Mnmom said…
Kireliols said…
MN Mom?
Scott J. said…
Ann Coulter? Michelle Malkin? Tom Cruise? Oh, wait...

Molly Shannon?
Dale said…
I was thinking Molly Shannon from some of your previous comment bantering with Coaster Punchman.
michaelg said…
Is it Anne Heche, occasional lesbian, full time alien and court designated unfit mother?
Melinda June said…
Scott, those are all EXCELLENT guesses, and you even got it right.

Dale, you're a dirty cheater.

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