Dead heat

I can't help it. I like Hillary fine and all, but I prefer Barack Obama. He makes me hope. He makes me see possibility. I like feeling happy about my country again.

And I think there are a lot more like me out there, and I think he's gonna hold on, and I think it's a long, long way to that convention. In fact, I think this might end up being the first year ever that Puerto Rico's primary matters.

They may not be a state, but they have 63 delegates.

Go Puerto Rico!


lulu said…
I really like him, but he is in favor of tying teacher pay to student achievement, which is one of those things that sounds great on paper, but seems almost impossible to figure out in the real world. That makes me nervous.
Mnmom said…
I think he'll surround himself with folks who understand such things as education. He's inexperienced but in no way is he stupid.

Do you vote absentee?
Melinda June said…
Yes, I absolutely vote absentee. And I agree...I think he is smart enough to get people into the cabinet that can help him make the right decisions.
I voted for him. Of course I will wholeheartedly back Hill if she gets the nomination (Ann Coulter is in good company!) but I agree, I think people are more excited about Barack. I really think he will win if he gets the nomination. As much as I think Hillary deserves the job, I feel we'd be wise to go with the person who has the charisma to run to the finish line. It feels like such a long time since we've had a Democrat who can fire people up.
Melinda June said…
People stone me for saying it, but I still don't really think Hillary can win. This race shouldn't be lose-able for a democrat, but yet McCain leads BOTH HC and BO in polls. Sure, polls can be flawed, but what if they're not? It's time to start playing politics with politics. And I think the argument for our side is more compelling with Barack Obama.
urbangal said…
A little late in commenting. I was a John Edwards supporter. Loved his progressive, anti-corporate, pro-union message. No, it doesn't matter that he was a trial lawyer (hell, he made his money fighting corporations on behalf of "the little guy"). And he came from nothing.

Edwards deserves a lot of credit for raising the caliber of the dialogue during this campaign. His decision to focus on ideas and policies (he had his healthcare plan written before he even announced his run back in 2006) has forced the others to follow suit.

I believe Edwards offered us the most hope and was the one most likely to mop the floor with McCain. Of course, I'll support whoever wins the Democratic nomination, but it will not be with the same fervor I had for Edwards.
Melinda June said…
I'm with you, urbangal. John Edwards was phenomenal, and I'm really annoyed the media ignored him. Had he gotten an ounce of the hype of these other two campaigns he'd be the front-runner.

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