Celebrity, vol 4

He's short and stubby and he gets his penis out in every movie ever.

Of course this is Harvey Keitel. Though I like the wishful thinking with Ewan MG, ML.

And a big shout out to Bramley Apple Pies, with his equally correct guess of Ron Jeremy.


Kireliols said…
Paul Giamotti (spelling?)
Kireliols said…
or Jason Alexander?
michaelg said…
Harvey Keitel?
Mnmom said…
Harvey Keitel is my guess too.
Ewan MacGregor!
Oh, C'mon! Are we really comparing the rampant willy flashing of Keitel and MacGregor?! Fine!
Here! Argue it out with him y'sef. Druthers!
Has to be Ron Jeremy
Mnmom said…
I win!!! I win!!!!
But I love Ewan McGregor
Melinda June said…
Technically, BAP, that's right, too.

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