Clap jazz hands say yeah!

I don't know if this is real or imaginary. Perhaps it is a subversive video created by GOP operatives attempting to usurp the democratic process by making Democrats look foolish. Perhaps someone has decided that synchronized nodding and Deadhead spinny dancers and buck-toothed girls in baseball caps will bring out the soccer moms. Or perhaps someone is trying to demonstrate that the only black man in the US still in the Clinton camp is the one who can't dance. But this is pretty funny.


Mnmom said…
Up With People!
This one's not quite as funny, but I think captures how many of you Obamamama's feel about BHO:
OH. MY. GOD. I had to turn it off before it was finished. THAT is why I hated swing choirs in high school.
Joe said…
Ugh. Then again, it's not as self-satisfied and overly earnest as that Obama "Yes We Can" video. That's pretty insufferable.
michaelg said…
What was that? I thought it was a Jackson 5 song at first.
CM, I was in swing choir in high school. So, was Mindy, if I recall correctly with BenBob on the bass for our version of FAME! Oh, and we sucked, by the way. Pale, little Scandinavian children don't have much swing.

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