EEK! a spice

So I see the headline about Martha buying Emeril, and I think, "Hey! That's so cool that's downright sexy!" And I click on the CNN link and they have this picture with the story. Looks like Emeril's heard about Martha's management style. Or perhaps he's a vampire and reacting to all that garlic they put in the pot.


Mnmom said…
I saw the article too and thought "Martha can't wait to put the competition out of business!" You really think she'll market Emeril over her??!?!
BeckEye said…
I thought for a sec that was a bug on his shirt, but it's the mic.
I am soooo weary of Emeril. The photo is hilarious.
Jake's Mom said…
I vote vampire!!;}
BeckEye said…
By the way Mindy, it was great to finally meet you this weekend!

See what I did there? I threw in a 2nd comment! BAM!
Joe said…
So Food network is finally giving Emeril the heave-ho?
wonderturtle said…
He totally does look like a vampire. I cannot come up with something more clever than that.

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