Ah, freedom

I love Saturdays now. For two years, Saturdays involved either a) getting up way too early after way to little sleep (and occasionally way too much drink) to sit through 6-8 hours of lectures, or b) getting up slightly less early and spending the day at my dining room table reading, writing and trying desperately to absorb as much info as possible so that I wasn't burdened by deadlines all week. Saturday was seldom my favourite day of the week.

But now, boy howdy, what a difference! Saturdays ROCK! I know the novelty should be wearing off, but it's still a thrill to wake up at 10 - no alarm clock necessary - and have a whole day ahead of me to do whatever I please. Today I watched Saturday Kitchen. I checked email and responded to Facebook and LinkedIn invitations that had been sitting there for weeks. I'm spending some idle internet time, and then heading to the gym. I have a few job hunt tasks to do. But that's it. I think I might go to the asian market to pick up a few things. I think I might go on a walk because it's sunny outside. I might read a novel. The possibilities are endless.

How exciting!

I've had a really busy week. Last weekend was extremely fun - I spent it in London, at a black tie event on Friday, recovering from a black tie event on Saturday, out with friends on Saturday night, and hanging on South Bank on Sunday. Exhilarating, but not restful. And work has been a bit manic this week, hence the lack of blogging. But now I can relax and renew and prepare for a better week ahead. I have less than a week to hunt down the love poems for my annual Valentine's post. And lots of time to do it this year. I have a trip to New York coming up in less than two weeks and need to start thinking about what I want to do, other than see CP. I have a new mobile phone, and I need to transfer my contacts from my old phone and then send my new number to my friends.

And most importantly, there are naps to be taken. Which I'd best get on right now.


Not having to learn things is awesome.
Joe said…
Hooray for idle Saturdays.

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