Where are the Von Trapps when you need them?

Okay, so I tried to go exploring this morning, but things are closed today since its' a bank holiday. I ended up on a long walk instead. Now I'm home and surfing and I keep finding things to blog about, hence the multiple entries today.

I had finished up the Easter Bunny post, and then I decided that I'd see what's on TV...at home, you often get lucky on Easter and they air The Sound of Music. I could have played my uke with "Doe, a Dear" and spun along with "I Have Confidence." Always a good way to spend an afternoon.

But the BBC has other views on classics. My choices are That Darn Cat or Thunderpants. If I'm watching Haley Mills, I prefer The Parent Trap, so TDC's not of real interest. And Thunderpants? Yes, it's a movie about a fat kid with a farting problem. Read the review here. Perhaps this adds insight into the British fondness for The Goonies.

Hmmm. That reminds me to call Tom (TDC does, not TP). And you know I'll be watching TP tonight, if only out of sick and horrid fascination.


Abby said…
What do you say Min? Thumbs up or Thumbs down on Thunderpants? It looks like Ned Beatty has come a long way since Deliverance.
Melinda June said…
I'd say, if you're bored and it's on and you have 15 minutes, watch the start of it. You will laugh, if only at the ridiculousness of it. After that though, you'll want to have something better to do.

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