I'm sure that when my next door neighbor bought his parrot, he was excited to have a shiny new pet. And I'm sure it's fun to imagine all of the clever funny things you can teach your shiny new parrot to say..."Clive! Did you hear it?! The parrot said "kiss my arse! HAHAHAH!" And I'm sure some rainy Saturday my neighbor was watching the teley and thought, "That's a catchy tune. I should teach it to my beloved parrot."

I just wish he'd considered that, in practice, you don't necessarily want your parrot to whistle the Bridge Over the River Kwai several times an hour round the clock. Every day for the 100+years it lives. Outside, so it echoes around your patio/deck that covers your entire back garden.

And perhaps he should have picked the parrot that wasn't an insomniac.

Oh well. Next time.


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