Peep Be Gone

My poor plush Peep Bunny.

I'd been practicing bridge bidding at the dining room table, and was getting sick of trying to keep it all straight. Peep was sitting there and I decided to wind him up and let him fly. Unfortunately, when the windey part was done and he'd stopped his wobbling, he kept peeping. And peeping. And peeping.

I let him peep for two hours (hidden under a blanket.) I tried to shut him up. He kept with the chirping. Mom had warned me this might happen, and so I tried her trick of fiddling with the base. Didn't work.

So I smashed the Peep with the heel of my red leather boot. Repeatedly, until he peeped no more.

Please forgive me.


Terrie said…
I rolled. Haven't been here for a while and decided to "catch" up during my lunch. Loved the peep story, since I have the inside dish on the red butt-kicking boots!

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