The Easter Bunny wants Terry Schiavo to LIVE!

Skip this one, Mom. XXOO min

The BBC is a fine, balanced news organization and because the UK and the US are pretty tightly aligned economically and politically lately, there is a lot of news about home here. But I still have my favorite US news sites, and I check them for headlines, commentary, etc., because the news of the world and the news at home aren't usually the same thing, even if the subject is the same. (The White House hasn't been able to successfully plant a paid-advertisement in the international press yet, but I'm sure Karl's on the case. They've got a legacy to worry about now.) Try, and then click on the "International Edition" in the upper right corner. See what I mean?

Anyway, as often as I can, I go to the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Star Tribune,, CNN, and Decorah Newspapers. I check a few blog sites like Wonkette, and then I move to the comedy sites like the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Fox News Channel.

Jon is laugh-out-loud funny, but sometimes Fox gets the edge, like it did today. Here is an example of the satirical comedy found on FNC's website:

Headline: Bunny Makeover: Will the Easter Bunny be the latest casualty of political correctness?

It's a video clip, wherein the "anchor" and two "experts" discuss the sanctity of the Easter Bunny. Seems a shopping mall in a predominantly Jewish community in Florida renamed the Easter Bunny as the Garden Bunny (after the Garden Mall, where an event was being held.) The idea was that leaving out the reference to Easter made it easier for non-Christian participants...they could bring their kids to an egg hunt and have some other fun without needing to answer pesky questions from their 5 year olds about where the B-man gets his name.
The lefty on the panel argues that, even though the EB's name references a Christian holiday, it's still a secular icon. He's a symbol of the commercial side of things, and Mr. Pinko says he doesn't see the harm in a non-Christian community revising Senor Rabbit's name so that their kids can have some fun with what is basically a celebration of spring for many Americans.

The moral high-ground is taken by the Culture and Family Institute rep, who argues that this is a symptom of ills...we continue to remove God from traditional society, as is evidenced in our passive approval of the innocent murder by starvation of a non-terminally ill woman in Florida. (I guess I assumed he meant TS, but perhaps there's another one Congress hasn't told me about.) I'll give him takes some major cajones to find a link between egg hunts and right-to-life issues, especially considering the irrelevance to the issue at hand. I love the part where he tries to substantiate his argument by telling us that the EB is a sacred Christian symbol of Christ's love, just like Santa is a sacred symbol of the birth of Christ. Now that's a good joke.

And it's all tied together by a talking Ken-doll moderator who uses a sarcastic, inflammatory tone to incite outrage in his guests.

Want to see it for yourself? Go to and click on the big bunny to the right.

And you thought Jon Stewart was the only fake news program out there!


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