Easter Weekend 2

Three things I forgot to mention....

  1. Too late for the Easter basket, but perhaps it's an option for Pentacost....You, too, can fragrance your home with the scent of the Lord. Check this out. I wonder if it's sacrilegious to use it in the bathroom?
  2. The resurrection of Christ is taking a backseat to the resurrection of someone else here in the UK. Tonight is the first in a series of 13 new Dr. Who shows, this time with better sets and a Geordie lad in the title role. Of course, making better sets than the original Dr. Who isn't exactly difficult. If they're not out of cardboard it's an improvement. And the stupid scarf and crazy hair are gone, replaced by a slick black leather jacket and a shaved head. At least 21st century geeks will be better dressed.
  3. Do you know about Peter Kay? He's a comedian, and he made a video for comic relief lipsyncing Tony Christie singing Is This the Way to Amarillo. The link I have here is only a portion of the original, and it doesn't show the best bit where the little guy on the left at the endof the clip falls off his treadmill. Excellent viewing, and since Peter Kay reminds me of my friend Kent Gubrud doing a "northern" accent, it seems appropriate to mention it today. (Kent's a Lutheran minister, so this is his busy season.)


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