Easter Weekend

I'm almost half way through the four-day Easter Extravaganza, as I like to call this weekend. Have done nothing of consequence, which suits me well.

Woke up this morning to a knock on the door. It was my own personal Easter Bunny (dressed as a Royal Mail deliveryman, but I imagined him with bunny ears to make it festive.) My mom and dad had sent me a package. It had a Peep theme...yellow peep bunnies (open and getting stale for proper munching as we speak), a chocolate egg with a marshmallow peep waiting inside, and a lovely plush purple peep bunny, which when wound by running on the table, peeps and wobbles across the room. The stuffed toy is perfect...slightly misshapen like a good peep is, and with that disembodied, mouthless stare that makes even the tastiest sweet confection a little creepy. I love it.

Bought my own little set of Easter treats at Marks and Spencer. M&S is a department store/luxury food emporium mix (yes, it's as odd as it sounds), and they specialize in primed-for-cooking meats, roasts, vegetables, luxury desserts, etc. They have a complete chinese takeaway menu in little boxes in their Asian aisle, and the puddings range from sticky toffee or figgy to lemon ginger and white chocolate raspberry. I selected a ready to roast chicken breast with sage and sausage stuffing, some mash with cabbage and onion, fresh green beans, and some kale for sauteeing....an Easter feast that will also be good in leftovers. Portioned for two, so will work for one twice I think.

Oh. And I stopped at Starbucks for some Sumatra beans, too. Not Dunn Brothers, but close enough for a proper cup of coffee on Easter with my Observer.

Now that I've cleaned up the garden and mowed my over-due grass, I can spend a day reading crap and catching up on email. Whoopee.


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