Random Thoughts on a Wednesday

  • People in England are ready to kick Tony Blair out of office because he lied about Iraq, the economy is in a slump, and national health care isn't taking care of people. Now they don't trust him. Hmm.
  • I'm sorry for her family's loss, but I don't understand why Congress is involved in Terry Schiavo's death.
  • Why hasn't Tom DeLay been indicted?
  • Why did the Sec. of the Treasury issue a report today telling us that Social Security is going bankrupt sooner? (Oh wait. There was also that news story about how support for SS reform is waning by the second. Never mind.)
  • Surely Michael Jackson is faking the back pain. That's ridiculous.
  • I like that Woody Allen named a movie after me. Twice. I don't care if the critics think it sucks.
  • NPR had a story about the ukulele teaching physics yesterday on All Things Considered. (Thanks for the link, Heidi.) How topical am I?
  • Have you joined Book Crossing yet?
  • My washing machine sounds like it's going to take off.
  • There's a duck in the pond across the street that is black with an orange head.
  • What's happening on Gilmore Girls?
  • I have to mow my lawn this weekend.
  • Drinking 8 glasses of water a day wakes you wee a lot.
  • They switched the lighting in our office to be "softer", and now I can't see because the light's too low. I have to ask for a desk lamp (as do some other geezers in my area.)
  • Lulu is right. Robert Redford is timeless.
  • Jennifer Lopez can't act. Selena was just luck.
  • People who want to be famous need to sign a contract not to bitch about photographers and fans who want to know about their personal lives before they get their first paycheck. If they ever DO complain, they have to donate all of their profits and possessions to charity and start over with their pre-fame net worth.
  • Don't spill instant hot chocolate on your lavender sweater, because it won't come out.
  • Work on your penmanship. It can be messy, but don't write like a 13 year old girl if you want my respect. People who write like 13 year olds think like 13 year olds, and I then get to dismiss you as a mindless twit. (No, Mom, you didn't teach me to judge people like that. Dad did. You taught me the part where I'm annoyed by their trampy outfits. =)
  • Mozilla and Thunderbird are far superior to IE and Outlook. I've been using them for two months now, and I must say I am a believer. Give them a try.
  • Two official bank holidays around Easter may not be enough separation of church and state for my taste, but I'm not complaining about the four day weekend. Now I just need a plan for my free time. (Suggestions anyone?)


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