Thursday, October 25, 2007

Using what's in the fridge, vol. 8

I am moving next week, and though you wouldn't know it looking at my house, at least my fridge and pantry are getting down to nothing. I'm especially trying to get things out of the freezer because those things are just a hassle to move. With a little planning ahead, I've actually eaten quite well for the last week or so. Tonight, I did this (FYI, the plate is a side plate size...these are not mushrooms the size of a human head):

Grilled portobellos with chorizo stuffing

4 decent size portobello mushrooms
Sundried tomatoes, which you rehydrate
a yellow pepper
two slices of bread
some spring onions
a clove of garlic
olive oil
a bit of chorizo, preferably the Spanish kind that is like a hard salami bologna ring, or thin slices of the salami kind will do in a pinch
Boursin light cheese

Preheat broiler

Chop the garlic, spring onions, part of the yellow pepper, the chorizo (maybe a thumbs worth if you have a ring chorizo) and the tomatoes into tinyish pieces. Heat a skillet, add a splash of olive oil, and saute the garlic, spring onions and yellow pepper until softened. Add the chorizo and tomatoes and keep sauteing. Meanwhile, toast a couple of thin slices of bread and cube that up into tiny bits. Add that to the pan. When everything is warm and seasoned and slightly browning take it off the heat and let it cool just a bit. All told, you should have cup and a half or so of this stuff when it's done.

Toss the mushrooms in a splash of olive oil, put gill side up in an oven-proof dish, and crack some black pepper on them. Broil to soften and mellow and then take out.

Turn the oven to about 200C (= hot). Spread about a teaspoon of boursin on each mushroom. Take 1/4 of the stuffing mixture and press it onto each mushroom. Put them in the oven for about 8 minutes and they'll melt the boursin and get a little crusty.

I had two for dinner with a salad on the side and saved two for lunch. You could serve one apiece for an appetizer, as well, but the flavours have a bit of a kick so it will be hard to pair this with something.


wonderturtle said...

Wow-- I inadvertently clicked on the picture and it opened in a new window-- HUGE. And now I am really hungry.

Beth said...

I'm so hungry now ....

Coaster Punchman said...

Sounds good except for the sun dried tomatoes. Those are my version of raisins.

Dale said...

I couldn't make anything so tasty sounding and looking if I tried. Can I have some of yours?

Bella Rossa said...

That looks amazing. Will you come cook dinner for me? I'm lazy and terribly untalented in the kitchen.

Thymm Symmz said...

I thought it was some kind of strawberry shortcake dish