Saturday, October 13, 2007

Come out and play the game

I am currently watching the movie Camp. My dearest Tommy turned me on to this, and now I watch it regularly. If you have not seen this movie and you fit any of the following criteria, you should rent it immediately:

- You were a teenage drama geek
- You were a band or choir geek
- You were a teenage drag queen
- You love someone who was a teenage drag queen
- You loved the movie fame
- You love musicals anyway
- You like mediocrely acted teen movies
- You loved Fame but you can't watch it anymore because of the leg warmers

And FYI, you will be happiest if you have creme de menthe and vodka in the house, because when the subservient girl gets hers on the sadistic queen bee, you will want a vodka stinger.


michaelg said...

Subservient girl sure knows how to engage an audience. I love that scene.
And I loved how the students heal the disturbed alcoholic teacher through song. Haven't seen it in a year or so, but that's how I recall it. Am I right?

Melinda June said...

You are completely correct. Who knew music was so powerful?

Coaster Punchman said...

Can you believe one of my fellow Strategic Sales Executives actually PANNED this movie? The horror! The horror!

Melinda June said...

Then that SSE is OBVIOUSLY a complete twit with a tiny black lump of coal for a soul.