Saturday, October 13, 2007

Meet the folks

I am likely going to be talking about my friends John and Ed for the next few months because we're working together on a rather large project for Managing Strategic Innovation. (Basically, we're defining a process for assessing and implementing new energy technologies for a UK power company, and the potential for scope creep is phenomenal.)

Therefore, I thought I would introduce you to them.

This is John, who works at said power company. He is a most excellent dancer, has a dry sense of humour, and we expect him to be quite the taskmaster on the project.

This is Ed, who is the Managing Director of a waste management company. Ed is built for rugby but, ironically, might be the most chivalrous person I've ever known. (I mean in a considerate-polite-respectful way...last I checked, he does not joust, though I'm betting he'd look dashing on a horse.)

The cubicle we are in is one I seem to spend several hours in each Friday and Saturday. The chairs are not particularly comfortable, in case you were wondering.


Marni said...

Ed is quite yummy! John looks like he is a lot of fun...

I want to join your team. Please.

kirelimel said...

Ed is way too cute- and check out the teeth! perfect! I also noticed the lack of a ring...Mindy, GET HIM.

Coaster Punchman said...

I wasn't wondering about the chairs, but thanks for mentioning that. And remember to dumb down the MBA talk for me.

Melinda June said...

Both gentlemen are married, but they are mighty charming.

I've been working on a Dick and Jane post of my projects for you, CP. Stay tuned.