Monday, October 08, 2007

Thanks, iPod

I'm gruelling through my Managing Strategic Innovation written analysis of case. It must be said, innovation audits using the Pentathalon Framework are great, but they are not the funnest way to spend a Monday night when you're getting a cold and have had a piss-ant day at work.

So just imagine my joy when iPod heard my silent cries and cranked out Superfreak. I flew up from my chair and have done a helluva boogie around the living room, momentarily becoming Milton Keynes' own Little Miss Sunshine.

Join me friends, for a bit of a Rick James spazzout. And shake a tail feather while you're at it, dammit. There's nothing like Superfreak to inspire a little soul train freakout.


Bubs said...

I love the part, right after Rick waggles his tongue after saying "I'd really like to taste her", that the camera pans across the back of the middle-aged white audience, sitting there, heads nodding appreciatively.

It's such a freaky scene.

Beth said...

"Superfreak" was always our getting-dressed-to-go-out song when my sister and I were in college. Every time I hear it, I'm 19 again.

Melinda June said...

Yeah, I noticed that little mouth gesture, bubs. Class.

"Superfreak" might be one of the best cures for what ails you ever, beth. Excellent choice.