Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Lunch

I find that on weekends where I'm stuck at my desk working on coursework I follow the path of least resistance and eat whatever's convenient, and unless I plan ahead it isn't healthy. I have a difficult week ahead, so I made sure I'd gone shopping and could cook ahead so I'd have something decent in the house to eat.

My mother used to make the most delicious vegetable beef soup. (She still does, I just haven't had it in awhile so it's a childhood recipe for me.) She'd use left over roast beef, frozen mixed vegetables, broth and some tomato juice or something red. (I am going to get clarification from her later today.) It was a great meal in one bowl, and will keep really well in the fridge for a fast dinner with a salad when I get home from a long day at work and need to jump straight into an MBA project. (Bubs, you're a wise, wise man for thinking twice about taking on school at this ridiculous age.)

The problem with this recipe is the requirement for roast beef. I think I've made a roast a total of once in my life, and that was a Christmas meal for my Mom and Dad 5 or 10 years ago. But they say roasts are actually pretty easy, so I got me a top loin rolled roasting joint and figured I'd give it a try. And since I wouldn't need the whole thing for the soup, I figured I'd have a traditional roast dinner for Sunday Lunch while I'm at it. Okay, I wasn't really in the mood for roast vegetables today, so I baked a small potato and stir-fried some vegetables with chili and garlic instead, but you get the idea. Here is the result:

I am now going to take pictures of my concoctions with the camera
my Mom and Dad got me for graduation. I don't have the food photography skills
of my friend PAM, but I'll learn eventually. FYI, she does some mean fish recipes each Wednesday, if you want some extra Omega 3 in your diet.

It was delicious, if I do say so myself. If that looks tasty to you, do this:

Poke a clean potato and put it in a pre-heated oven, say 190C. (= hot.)

Depending upon the size of the joint you have, you roast the beef at the same temp, 18 minutes per pound for rare, +20 for medium, +20 for medium well, etc. Before you roast it, do the following:
- rub with olive oil
- season with salt and pepper
- roll in a bit of dried rosemary or thyme

When the meat is done, take it out to rest. Heat a wok, add olive oil, and then add (chopped up, if sensible):
- clove of garlic
- carrot
- chili flakes
- zucchini
- green onion
- yellow pepper
Saute until done, and add a shake of salt.

Squeeze half a lemon over the beef, then slice thinly.

Plate. That baked potato can sit in the oven turned off while you're doing all that, if necessary. And if you have a giant roast or want it roasted within an inch of it's life, potatoes only need an hour, hour and a half at the most so plan accordingly and don't start them too early.


Bella Rossa said...

Pretty food picture! I'm trying to get into the habit of taking more everyday pix. They're rather charming.

Mnmom said...

Melinda, here's what you do next time.

Get a 1-2lb arm roast, cut it in chunks.

In a dutch oven heat 2T of oil. Add the meat. When it's about 1/2 browned, add chopped onion. When the onion is translucent, add chopped garlic.

Now cover all that with water and beef soup base or boullion (I have trouble spelling that word). Then add chopped veggies and potatoes. Season with salt, pepper, garlic salt, bay leaf, hot sauce, worchestershire sauce, etc.

Cook on the stove top until all is tender, or throw it all in the crock pot and cook on low for 6-8 hours. Do Brits use crock pots?? You could start a trend.

lulu said...

my mom makes the same kind of soup, only she uses a small can of spicy V8 instead of tomato juice. It's SO good!

Tenacious S said...

I happen to have a love affair with beef barley soup. Same idea, but with barley. Imagine that. By the way, I love your list of things that stand between you and your MBA. My list is significantly longer. So long in fact, that it would only depress me.

Beth said...

I'm so hungry ..........