Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday Snack

This weekend is all about the writing.

I had let the fridge dwindle to nothingness and I knew I needed a decent breakfast to fuel my brain, so I set my alarm for 8AM and hit the rode before coffee to get to Sainsbury's before the Saturday crowds. Perfectly timed, and I got out right as people were starting to come to brawls over parking in the lot.

I have many delicious groceries waiting to be transformed into delicious meals. This is one of my favourite things, actually...the knowledge that my kitchen contains the ingredients for any number of delicious treats, just waiting for me to decide what to do!

I'd gotten a Nigella Express cookbook through the Book People at work (they give us great deals on select items, kind of like Costco except in the lunchroom,) and when I saw that Nigella was beckoning I could not resist. She is my idol. And I've read (yes, read) most of the cookbook while getting ready to sleep, so I have made sure my shopping list contains items required to bring a few of the pages to life this week.

One of the recipes that fascinated me was for Smoked Trout Pate. I like smoked whitefish, and it sounded like a good way to get some valuable Omega-3 in my diet this week as well as a convenient food to feed me when I need a little something quickly, so I thought I'd try it out. I made it earlier this afternoon (with a few embellishments because that's the way I am), and it is delicious. You should have this spread on little bread or crispbread nibbles with a glass of chardonnay (you pack of chunts) and perhaps some briny olives with chili or baby dills before dinner tonight.

Smoked Trout Pate (as interpreted from Nigella)
- 2 smoked trout fillets (or smoked peppered mackerel if you're me)
- 50g of philly cream cheese (I used light and last I checked the sun did not fall out of the sky)
- 2T lemon juice
- 2T olive oil
- 1/4T cayenne
- 1T horseradish sauce
- grind of pepper (me)
- old bay....maybe equal to cayenne? (me)

Puree all ingredients into a pate. Put in a clay ramekin. Chill. Spread it on things. Eat.


Writeprocrastinator said...

Old Bay is five times better than cayenne. Have you tried it in potato salad, yet?

lulu said...

Old Bay is not better than cayenne, but it is entirely different.

I've made a similar pate, from the Square One cookbook.

(and I love that you read cookboks, so do I)

Melinda June said...

Old Bay IS most excellent, WP. Have not tried it on potato salad, but will do so the next batch I make.

What's your favourite one, lu?