Sunday, October 07, 2007

Go Southwest Airlines!

Southwest Airlines once again censored a passenger for wearing inappropriate clothing. Last time it was the chick in the miniskirt and the boobie shirt. Now it's the guy in the "Master Baiter" t-shirt who was asked to change or get off the plane.

They're issuing an apology and trying to downplay the PR nightmare. Why???? I say, "Well done!" I say they're doing a public service here. I say let's send the Master Baiters and the Muff Diving Team and the guys that wear those t-shirts with a big NO sign over male stick figures engaged in intercourse straight to Greyhound where they belong.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying they don't have the right to free speech. I'm saying that morons belong on the bus.

The guy says he complied because he was afraid he'd miss the flight and didn't want to miss a day's work. Let me guess. Rocket scientist?

Chill out, guy. I mean, I know you think you were making a statement, but I'm betting we could tell by looking at you.


kirelimel said...


Scott J. said...

I never quite understand these stories. I'm not sure what exactly is so offensive about that shirt - on the other hand, I'm not sure why anyone would wear it. Seriously, how old is this guy?

I'd love to be inside someone's head when they see that shirt in the store - "Yeah, that's the shirt I need! I'm gettin' laid tonight, for sure!"

To the bus with you, Doofus!

kirelimel said...

Let's not leave out all those well trained Bikini Inspectors!!

Coaster Punchman said...

We need to return to the days when people dressed to fly. If I see one more flip flop on a flight I might scream.

While Southwest is at it, I'd appreciate it if they would also scrap that cattlecall-like method they have for seating people on their planes. That is obnoxious. For cripe's sake, how much would it cost to assign everyone a seat in advance? Damn.

lulu said...

I was right with CP until he made that flipflop comment. Particularly now that you have to take your shoes off at security, flip flops are a comfortable, logical choice--provided that you have had a pedicure within the past week.

When you fly long distances you need to be comfortable, but I am not sure why a tee shirt with a rude saying on it would be more comfortable than a plain tee shirt.

Personally, I wear yoga pants, flipflops, a tank top, a hoodie, and carry a pashmina to use as a blanket, pillow, extra wrap.

Bubs said...

MJ, does this mean I'll have to leave my "Sexy Grandpa" shirt at home when we get together? Or just when I fly?

Melinda June said...

Bubs, now you're going to HAVE to wear it so I can find you in the crowd.

I'm with CP on the dress code, Lu. Though knowing you I can't imagine your flight wardrobe is offensive, I must say I'm tired of the people who get on overnight flights in their pajamas. My flight attire is always a pair of freshly washed comfortable jeans, a cotton shirt, jacket of some sort to spruce it up when I'm in the airport, and a pashmina for warmth. And I wear my red boots or danska clogs because they always come on/off instantly. My feet get cold in sandals.

Vaughn V. said...

"First, it was the chick whose vahjayjay was dayum-near showing from underneath her miniskirt, and I screamed, 'kick the biotch off!' Then it was the guy wearing a t-shirt with a tacky saying, and I yelled, 'make him ride the bus!' Finally, it was me after I asked for a seatbelt extender. Then I shrieked, 'how dare you kick me off of this flight!'"

Maybe a little more tolerance is called for because we never know when it's going to be us that they choose next.