Against the tide

I know this is going to make me very unpopular in blogland, but I'm here to tell you that, while bacon is delicious and chocolate is might-ee-fine, combining bacon and chocolate is just asking for trouble. In fact, bacon and chocolate sounds nasty. Especially bacon and white chocolate, which has no bite at all and would simply dilute the smoky goodness. No, I'm even willing to go out on a ledge and say that putting bacon and chocolate together is a downright bad idea.

I also think bacon martinis make no sense and that a bacon trifle would also be disgusting. Bacon and jello might work, but only if there were carrots and celery in the mix, too, and probably only with the lighter, more refreshing jellos of the orange/lime/lemon variety as they would give a better balance.

I know. I'm a rebel. But I will not stand by and allow this rampant bacon lust to continue without a sanity check.


Dr Zibbs said…
It's the same thing as cheesesteaks and lollipops. Sounds like a great idea but then you look like a fool eating the thing.
lulu said…
You really shouldn't knock the bacon and chocolate bar until you've had one. It's SO freaking good!

Chris is right in that it doesn't taste super bacony, but the saltiness, and slightly meaty taste accent the rich, chocolaty taste perfectly.

I have an order to bring at least 3 bars back to Dhaka with me for friends that I have turned on to the taste.
Melinda June said…
Exactly, Dr. Z. Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you should.

And Lu, I'm sticking to my position. Occasionally, even I place limits.

Plus too much bacon grows hair on your palms. And dimples on your thighs, or at least that's what I blame it on.

I am a cautionary tale (or whale, if you must.)
But bacon baked with maple syrup is heavenly.

Now I am all hungry
I'd have to agree. Bacon & chocolate sounds nasty. Especially coming from people who think chocolate and fruit jelly seems nasty.
Melinda June said…
Yes, Madame, the sweet and savory deliciousness of the bacon and maple syrup cannot be denied.

Who could possibly object to chocolate and fruit jelly? That's lik hating us for our freedom.
Dale said…
I can't tell who's winning, the bacon or the terrorists? It sounds disgusting but I'd try it, I know I would.
Some Guy said…
I did a sanity check once. That was enough.

Oh, and don't bother with the Bacon/Jello combo. I tried it. Caca.

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