I apologize if you haven't seen my little UK visit in your site meter lately. For the last few weeks my primary (and only) blog access has been at work.

And let's face it. Some of you people swear an awful lot. Which is fine, unless the internet police are looking for dodgy sites accessed during working hours. In fact, one of you got me a little warning on my second to last day.

Thanks, Chris.


Katie Schwartz said…
It wasn't me, right?
Melinda June said…
HA! Oh, Katehla. Yours is one of the sites I've had to forgo, as much as it's annoyed me. But I'm back now, baby!
Some Guy said…
Oops! Now you've got me wondering how many other people have been reprimanded for looking at my blog.
Melinda June said…
Probably most of us, you dirty bastard.

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