Sheesh, you people sure ask a lot of questions

11. There's NOTHING wrong with the Twin Cities. They're great. And I love you people who live there. The thing is, in theory living in the Twin Cities is a good idea. For me, though, in practice it isn't a good thing. I'm not happy there, even though there are many things I like about the place. So I'm electing to live within striking distance of regular weekend visits.
12. Yes, more fat people is definitely one of the pluses of moving to the Midwest.
13. No, I haven't considered moving back to Decorah. Whilst it is a pretty town with an excellent natural food coop, a thriving farmer's market and numerous high-calibre restaurants, I prefer to live in places with international airports, less parking and more crime. Even the Culver's won't sway me.
14. Of COURSE I'll come to Minneapolis to see the Little House on the Prairie musical. What kind of stupid question is that?
15. I appreciate the offer, but I'm not leaving the UK because I'm not married so it isn't really a solution to anything. Or perhaps you're asking me so you can get a green card and move stateside as well? Which is illegal, so the answer is still no. But I appreciate the gesture.
16. I suppose that, if I got the best job offer ever someplace else, I might consider someplace other than Chicago. But for now the mind is firmly made up.


lulu said…
FYI-There are Culvers in the suburbs of Chicago.
I didn't ask you any of these things.
Mnmom said…
As long as you're within striking distance, I'll be able to meet you so it's all good!
Kireliols said…
sooooo....let me get this straight, you might move to the twin cities? ha ha ha ha
Joe said…
Lulu beat me to it, there are Culver's popping up all over the place.

And as far as crime goes, Chicago is a much, much cleaner and safer city than it was 20 years ago. Daley the younger has done a remarkable job of displacing gang crime out into the suburbs.
Tenacious S said…
This is a fine city. I think you have made an excellent choice!
Cup said…
You live such the continental life.
Thymm Symmz said…
You and Oprah will be best buds!
Melinda June said…
Beth and mnmom, you can stay with me when there's another Chicago blogger meetup and we'll swoop in and wow them with our curly hair. But i might get you tipsy before we go on white ladies. And aftewards, we can go to one of the many suburban Culvers for a butterburger.

Timmy, Oprah and I have already set a dinner date. I'm sure that Gayle is right on out of there once I show up. There's a new sherriff in town, my friends.

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