A Saturday night in Milton Keynes smells like Lynx and meadow fresh feminine hygiene products

Oh my. Even on a windy evening with hundreds of people smoking in the night air, the five minute walk from a restaurant to my hotel gave me a headache from the cheap cologne. I have never, ever smelled such a melange of buck-two-eighty pheromone scents in my life.

I wonder if they actually work? You'd think they'd eventually cancel each other out and everyone would just end up confused. Not to mention nauseated.

Or perhaps this explains the nonsensical fighting in the streets.


michaelg said…
Are these what you would call YOB? They look like they all need a bath and a proper haircut.
Melinda June said…
these are more the chav variety of nightlifer. Yobs wear hoodies and track bottoms. And they're generally surly teenagers.

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