Hater, vol 5 - let the healing begin

To all you HRC supporters, I'm really sorry for your loss. Politics is heady business. Even though you know it shouldn't be, it becomes very personal as you become more committed to a candidate, and every one of their successes or failures causes surges of powerful, heartfelt emotion. And worst of all, I know what it feels like to lose. To know deep in your heart that you were supporting a candidate who could change the world, but the rest of the nation was just too stupid to listen. You feel betrayed. You feel frustrated. Angry even. It hurts.

But losing an election cycle is not a reason to become a moron.

Something like 24% (more in some states) of you HRC supporters are vowing to support John McCain in a protest vote. Or to write in Hillary, Democratic party be damned, because your girl didn't win. And you don't care if Obama loses, because he's a pantywaist anyway.

Seriously? I mean, seriously.

You're willing to abandon your dreams of universal healthcare, sensible gun laws, appropriate immigration and affirmative action laws and fair tax codes that don't only benefit the wealthy just so you can stick it to the guy that gave your girl the bum's rush? Your pride is more important than a women's right to choose? You're willing to allow the GOP to fill the courts with activist conservative judges, continue to gut environmental laws and put corporate interests above the people's just to prove a point? You're willing to spend trillions more dollars and countless American lives on fighting a civil war in Iraq, and put another rootin'-tootin'-cowpoke sort of "diplomat" in control of our foreign policy? Just because you lost?

You've got to be kidding me. Calm down. Have a cocktail too many, cry in your beer, put Obama's face on a dart board for a night, whatever. But get over it. Move on. Did you support Hillary because of her policies or because of her pantsuits? Are you REALLY willing to let McBush do even more damage to the economy, the public welfare and the US' standing in the world just so Hillary can run again in four years?

Certainly this is easy for me...my horse won. But if he hadn't, I'd do the honorable thing and vote for HRC, even though she's practically become synonymous with the "hater" series, and she's done everything underhanded and mean-spirited that she can to discredit my guy. I mean, I don't like her anymore, but I care too much about my country to use my vote against its best interest.

Go have a think and get back to us. And if you decide to come back, we'll embrace you as though none of this has ever happened.

But while you're out, would you please muzzle that Geraldine Ferraro? She gets on my nerves.


You lost me at "sensible gun laws". That sounds like code for "I know better than you so I get to decide".

On that issue alone John McCain gets my vote. I'm sure there are many more differences that I would reject Obama on, but I'm stopping right there.
Joe said…
Obama, and any Democrat who wants to compete nationally, will do well to stay away from any discussion of gun laws in the general election. And I disagree with Obama's prior positions on gun legislation I've seen.

That being said, the idea of voting for or against a candidate based on the single issue of gun laws, is plain ridiculous.

What did you think of Clinton's non-concession concession speech?
Well, no, it isn't just a single issue. But it is an important one. If I had to rank the issues why I wouldn't vote for Obamma they'd be:

1. His position on the "civil war in Iraq".
2. I fear he'll be all sensitive and nuanced in foreign policy (weak).
3. "sensible gun laws"
4. Activist liberal judges on the SCOTUS.
Melinda June said…
Gentlemen, gentlemen. You know I love you both, but the gun issue is one where we differ (or in BAP's case, one of many.) And you'll note, I did NOT speak of gun control, I referred to "sensible gun laws," which can also involve things like clarifying the second amendment's rather vague language in context of modern times and technological advances, or even preserving rights of gun owners. My personal opinion is that we as a nation DO need to get a firmer understanding of what is best for public safety AND individual rights.

That said, many of us lefties just want to ban any gun not suitable for hunting/sport, and they'd be stepping in front of a bus to just to prove they have the right of way by voting for Mr. McCain.

And you can imagine that speech made me FURIOUS. =) what a cow.
Melinda June said…
And may I also add, Barack Obama hs not actually put any sort of gun law issue forward as a platform, and personally I agree with you, bubs, no Dem should do that in a campaign.

And what happened to Fatima, Pies?
I would agree that the left side of politics does need to get a firmer understanding of guns and the 2nd amendment. But with that learning I doubt that would generate any "sensible" change to current gun laws.

And I do believe all of you Obammmma lovers will hear lots and lots about the gun issue as the election draws closer. He doesn't have an F grade from the NRA for nothing.

As far as Fatima, she should be there now. Do you recognize the hand?
Joe said…
Me, personally, I'd like some liberal activist judges on the SCOTUS.

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