Random 10 for Thursday

1. I have fabulous new hair. It is a curly, vaguely shaggy chin-length inverted bob. And it is a lovely chocolate brown with sprigs of blond and vibrant red mixed in. Much, much better than the shaggy brown-and-grey mop I had a mere two weeks ago. I feel sassy. (Technically the hair is visible in the graduation photo below, but it didn't interact well with the hat so the photo doesn't do it justice.)
2. Coldplay has a new album out. I still hate them. I'm listening to the Current online and they're playing a song from it, and it's overly dramatic and cloying. Nice to know some things never change.
3. My housemate believes that even the deadest looking plants are capable of rebirth. Therefore I have two extremely dead, turning to dust plants in my immediate line of sight. Bless her optimism.
4. She left today on holiday, and I am house/dog sitting this week and feverishly packing for my move next Friday. Wolfie, the dog, is a delightful animal but he is a bit skittish and has serious separation anxiety when Nadine is gone for even a few hours, so I am anticipating a less than enjoyable weekend. I don't mind, but I'm hoping the howling subsides by Saturday or Sunday, as I don't think I can take more than three days of constant baying in lonely torpor and bursts of psychotic hyperactivity.
5. I am working from home today and tomorrow as a result. And while I've been pretty productive, there's a dvd of The Way We Were beckoning to me. That would be a much better way to spend my Thursday. But I will resist. I will. Really.
6. Someone please name one ELO song that doesn't completely suck. Because I'm wondering why they ever achieved any fame at all. Did no one have taste back then?
7. I have polished my fingernails and they keep chipping, which is annoying me.
8. There was a herd of migrating bees in the car park at work last week. Thousands of them swarmed through, then settled on a bit of tree in a clump that was the size of a full-sized dachshound. They hung there for a couple of days, going frantic when anyone walked anywhere near them, and then one day around 2PM they all swarmed off, crossing the fence and moving onwards into some poor sucker's back yard. It was fascinating. I'd never seen migrating bees before. I tried to convince everyone that they were African Killer Bees. They didn't buy it. Sure, every bird from the continent is a bird flu threat, but masses of bees are just on holiday. Obviously Brits don't understand the concept of constant vigilance.
9. Facebook is a difficult thing. I am plagued by people who want to be my friend, but whom I don't really know and frankly don't really want to. I love the part about people I used to see every day finding me there, and how I've connected with other friends at a distance and have learned quite a bit about people I didn't know that well by reading their walls and watching their updates. But in spite of my best judgement, I made the mistake of accepting invitations from a few people with whom I have nothing in common, and now I get updates about the anti-immigrant groups they're joining and the random blokes they're picking up at MK bars on Friday nights. Teaches me to ignore my instincts in an effort to be polite.
10. The BBC adaptation of Middlemarch was a big disappointment.


The briefest of hoots while I slog away at a proposal from heck:
-Polish solution: Stickey basecoat by Creative. Do I need to mail you some with a case of Crystal Light?
-ELO? None that I can think of, Darling one. I had the 1980s surgically removed from my memory.
-Your hair sounds fantastic.
Calling America, can't get a message through, calling America, that's what she said to do...

I played it for YOU!
"Someone please name one ELO song that doesn't completely suck. Because I'm wondering why they ever achieved any fame at all. Did no one have taste back then?"

"Telephone Line." "Fire On High" is an instrumental that you've probably dug back in the day and you didn't realize that it was them. "Evil Woman."

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