Random 10 for Sunday

1. I'm shocked and horrified by the flooding in Iowa. First, my hometown had crazy high waters, and though there was some damage and quiet a few tense moments, the community banded together to help and they are relatively unscathed in comparison to Cedar Rapids. Most of my extended family on my dad's side still live somewhere between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City and I've spent a lot of time down there throughout my life. It's hard to put words at how awful things are there right now. And it's unfathomable how much damage there is, and how long it's going to take to fix. Word has it that all of my family is safe, but living in a community that's been devastated by something like this is still scarring. I'm thinking about them a lot.
2. I'm also really bothered by some of the comments I've been reading on news stories. People have been jumping on stories about Tim Russert's death and making snide comments about his reporting and bias. On one of the flood stories several people used comments to bash Obama, who has set up an aid fund on his website. They're claiming he's insincere and politicking and is going to keep the money for his campaign. I think it's disgusting that people politicize things like this. Show some respect for the dead and the suffering, for pete's sake.
3. Some of my readers have gotten the idea that I don't like John McCain because he's old. I'd like to clarify that, although I use his age to poke fun, it's not his age itself that I have a problem with. It is possible to be 71 and still meet my criteria for being a good presidential candidate. My objections to John McCain surround a difference in policies (I think he's wrong about a lot of things,) and a dislike for hypocrites and disingenuous politicians (both of which I believe him to be.) But mostly, I dislike him because he frames all issues with 1980's rules/perspective. A lot has changed in the last 20 - 30 years, and John McCain doesn't seem to understand that. And I think that is dangerous for the US.
4. My weekend of dog-sitting is almost through. Wolfie gets picked up and moves to Nadine's parents house tonight, where her father will feed/water/play with him. He's been surprisingly calm, and although he follows me around the house and has insisted on sleeping with me (and taking most of the bed, may I add,) all in all it has gone well. That said, I'm looking forward to being able to leave the house for hours on end again.
5. I have a lot of packing to do. It shouldn't take that long...it's mostly clothes, bathroom/toiletries and kitchen stuff, but I still have to do it by Thursday. Plan to move one load on Friday and another on Saturday. I'm very excited about the new place.
6. I have to work today. I have a lot of niggling points to sort out, and I expect there's a good three hours of writing to do, plus an hour of organising for a site inspection tomorrow AM. I have to catch an early train for that, too, which I'm none to thrilled about. It costs a load and it means being to the station by 8. Pleh.
7. Not only do I not want to see that movie Wanted that they're advertising these days, I don't want to see another advertisement for it, either. Even under the best of circumstances I find Angelina Jolie to be a bit freaky, but in this they keep bending her like she's a Gumby toy and I find it completely unsettling. It's a shame, actually, because I like that James McEvoy, even in spite of Atonement, and I'd like to support his career.
8. I am excited, on the other hand, for Mamma Mia! Abba music, film spectacle, meaty comic characters for Julie Walters and Christine Baranski...what's not to love? Plus I love the fact that Meryl Streep is 3 - 12 years older than all three of the men playing the possible "daddy" roles. Go Meryl! And a film that has Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and that Swedish dude as the eye-candy love-interests for the female protagonists is perfect for my demographic.
9. Today is my first Father's Day without my dad. In fact, Dad died on Father's Day last year, and though the actual anniversary of his death is Tuesday according to the calendar, today is a sucky day anyway. You probably guessed that I still really miss my dad.
10. Once in awhile I kill time watching the Hallmark Channel, which in the UK means reruns of US and Australian 1 hour mystery, adventure and drama tv. One of my secret dirty pleasures is Diagnosis Murder, which is practically like admitting to watching Matlock. Today's episode was anachronistically amusing...for some reason, it guest starred all sorts of has-been actors from Happy Days and its various spin-offs. Pat Morita (Arnold from HDs) was on it, as was Erin Moran (Joannie from HDs,) the guy who played Ralph Malph, Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley, some blonde woman I couldn't place but would guess was from L&S in California, and it was all rounded out by the dad from Mork and Mindy. Perhaps Anson "Potsie" Williams directed it - I believe he was a regular influencer behind the scenes at DM. Sadly, Scott Baio had left the series by the time this episode was filmed, or it could have been a sweeps week coup.
11. Yes, 11...I'm like a Spinal Tap amp today. In the vein of odd celebrity sightings, I've had two good ones in the movies I've watched over the weekend. The first - Eric Mabius, who plays Daniel on Ugly Betty, also played the handsome dimwit Steve Rogers in Welcome to the Dollhouse. This increases Mr. Mabius' street cred for me, but begs the question of why he seems drawn to shows about unattractive heroines. Secondly, while watching The Way We Were, I realised that the skinny, young-communist anti-Redford from the days when Katie and Hubbel were in college is played by a skinny and awkward James Woods, who is, in fact, an anti-Redford in real life, too. Bless, I hear he's a member of Mensa and all, but he's not exactly a heart throb. Have you seen him in that movie with Dolly Parton? Oh, and by the way, Robert Redford is timeless. It boggles the mind.


I was thinking of you this Father's Day. xxoo.
michaelg said…
Thinking of you today, Min. Getting past the first year is a bitch.

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