Blowing my cover

I've been DYING to tell you all what I'm doing until the end of July...and now all can be revealed.

I have the goofiest job ever. I am project directing this.

The press, the promotion, the celebrities, the fundraising, the team interaction at my company, the branding and message...everything. It ROCKS. And if you're so inclined, show your love and spread the on DONATE and sponsor us. But remember, US'd best mentally double whatever amount you enter before you click send, because it collects money in £££'s and your bank will when they debit it from your account.


Dale said…
That's a lot of keen kiddies! Sounds like it'll be a fun and crazy event. And there you are leading the pack. Awesome.

Do most people know the game by that name? I'd never heard it called that before and was a little worried.
Melinda June said…
Yes, they do. The UK is never one to let a little politically incorrect stereotyping get in the way of a good time. I frequently hear the word "Oriental" here, which was once explained to me as "differenting slanty-eyed types from normal Asians," who are of Indian/Pakistani descent.

Don't get me's NOT EVERYONE, but it's common enough that it boggles the mind.
Melinda June said…
I meant differentiating. Would hate to portray a run of the mill ignoramus as an ignoramus with bad grammar/vocabulary.

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