Name calling, afterword

From CNN:

Here's how the average tax bill could change in 2009 if either John McCain's or Barack Obama's tax proposals were fully in place.

Income: Change in tax
Over $2.9M: -$269,364 vs. +$701,885
$603K and up: -$45,361 vs. +$115,974
$227K-$603K: -$7,871 vs. +$12
$161K-$227K: -$4,380 vs. -$2,789
$112K-$161K: -$2,614 vs. -$2,204
$66K-$112K: -$1,009 vs. -$1,290
$38K-$66K: -$319 vs. -$1,042
$19K-$38K: -$113 vs. -$892
Under $19K: -$19 vs. -$567

Source: The Tax Policy Center

Those crazy tax and spenders. They obviously don't understand how important every dollar is to the average American. I mean, sure Americans who make less than £112K annually do better under the Obama plan, but what about all those people who make MORE than that??? Hard working Americans want an explanation for this, Mr. Obama.

Special to readers who are actually IN the +£112K-$603K bracket...I hope to join you there soon, and I know you work hard for your money. So hard for it, honey. But the $12 average increase you will have means a lot less to you than the $567 decrease does to someone at the bottom of the ladder, therefore I say "pony up". And to those in the brackets above're lucky being Robin Hood is illegal.


yada yada, blah blah blah.

Are we going to have to read this liberal propaganda all summer?
Melinda June said…
Only when John McCain pisses me off. So, yeah.

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