And a chicken in every pot....

I think John McCain sees fairies.

He's given quite the speech , and while it'd be nice if all his dreams came true I think perhaps he should sell the unicorn farm and read a newspaper. Or a history book.

Perhaps he is less a George Bush Republican and more a Herbert Hoover one. Now THERE'S a guy who knew from prosperous. And look at how well that turned out.

This is yet another reason Hillary needs to make a graceful exit as soon as possible. We don't need another Democratic rift putting Willy Wonka (this time driving a tank) in office.


Wow, MJ, did you have a kool-aid double tonight?

I'm looking forward to casting my vote for the McCain/T-Paw ticket. Something I'm sure will thrill your other kool-aid drinking readers.
Mnmom said…
T-Paw?!?? Let me tell you how thoroughly he's dismantled our Minnesota Miracle.

How about if BOTH Clinton and McCain bow out?? Now that's what I call happiness.
Melinda June said…
Yes, BAP, and it tastes like appletini. Yum, yum. You know you secretly want some. I'm happy to share.

MnMom, don't let him bait you. In the spirit of diversity, even T-Paw supporters are welcome in The Special People Club. And this one has a conceal and carry permit, so choose your words carefully. Them gun-lovin' wackos can be unpredictable.

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