Random thoughts on my brain

1. After many years of viewing exercise as a necessary evil, I have finally found my sport. Boxing. I'm a natural. I've got a strong jab, a good hook and my upper cut is pretty okay, too. And though I'm world-renowned for my lack of coordination, I took to the fwumpity-fwumpity bag like a duck to water...had it spinning on my first try.
2. As I was waiting on the train platform today, I noticed that the girl standing next to me was wearing a cheap black fashion jacket with the word "criminal" embroidered on the back. Other than that, she looked perfectly respectable. It seemed kind of odd. I mean, the last time I checked being a criminal was not a good thing and if you WERE a criminal you wouldn't want to proclaim it to the world. Therefore I can only conclude that this is some sort of new work-release uniform and this poor girl was some sort of yobbish Hester Prynne.
3. I have several outstanding liquid eyeliners from the No. 7 collection at Boots (which all y'all can buy at the Target, I believe.) They're very sticky, though, and so you'd best lay down on the bed and close your eyes for five minutes to let it dry, or you'll have one line at your lashes and another halfway up your lid. Not being much of a morning person, this is not ideal for me. Today I almost missed my train as I fell back asleep whilst waiting for my fine pewter line to firm up.
4. No matter how many times I go to and from London, I still giggle every time my train goes through Bletchley and Leighton Buzzard. One sounds like a belch and the other sounds like a pet carrion-loving bird. One thing's for sure...I look folks up and down when they get on the train, because I really want to know who would willingly live in either of these places.
5. I am moving to London in June. I will be living about 10 minutes' stroll from the Willesden Green tube station - that's zone 2 so it's 15 minutes or so to central London but in a zone where you can still have a car. I'm moving in with a friend of a friend until August while I figure out my next move. We met for coffee today and she's outstanding. I'm really looking forward to it.
6. I can't wait to tell you all about the project I'm working on.
7. I have a serious toe cramp right now. I hate toe cramps.
8. The magic blister-wicking plasters have completely sorted out my heels. I am more fascinated than ever now as to how they work with their whitening pads.
9. It's cold in here.
10. I'm sleepy. G'night.


Mnmom said…
Maybe I'll bet a jacket that says "judgmental" on the back, or perhaps "sarcastic".

Our family always laughed when we drove through Grundy Center, IA.

I am SOOO visiting you in London someday!
Dale said…
Imagine what your eyeliner might look like after a good boxing match! Congrats on the soon to be move. Your toes will come around.
Now why would anyone be surprised that you are a choice boxer? Terrific!

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