OH! and by the way

West Virginians are not some political bellwether. There's no as-WV-goes-so-goes-the-nation. If there were, we'd all be listening to bluegrass and whooping like hillbillies. (Which I do, in fact. But I'm not typical.)

West Virginians are white, relatively uneducated and old. They are Hillary's base, if she DOESN'T win by a 30-40% margin it's a failure for her.

Punditry sucks as much as Hillary for trying to make out like this primary matters.

Quick, stop the presses. West Virginians and their 28 delegates aren't keen on the black liberal with the Muslim-sounding name. We'd better ignore all those other voters and put the nice white lady at the top of the ticket.

Stupid tossers.


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