Hater, vol 4

For reference, Mr. McCain, just like Some Guy said awhile back - I am not your "friend."

Not only am I NOT your friend, I actively dislike you and your mamby pamby pandering ways. I think you look like you're made out of wax, and I think you sound like Dick Dastardly's dog Muttley when you laugh. In fact, you look a bit like him, too. (And since I know you're way too old to understand the Hanna Barbera pop culture reference, FYI that isn't a compliment. In fact - SNAP.)

I figure in the end your folksy chitterchat will ultimately kick your ass. If you can talk all cocky about giving Barack Obama some schoolin' in foreign policy with a trip to Iraq, it can only be a matter of time before you call him "boy" in a debate. Or perhaps you'll go with the less racially charged "whipper-snapper." With an old-coot holler at the end.

But for now, please cease and desist with the "friend" calling, Sir. From this point forward, it's "Miss Jackson" to you. (That one's easy. Look it up.)

This is normally where I say, "But good luck to you." Instead I'll wish you a safe free flight on your wife's corporate jet. And God bless.


Some Guy said…
Yeah, can't stand it. It's so disingenuous and has a hint of condescension to it. Condescension is something I have very little patience for, especially from the likes of a guy who has gotten so much of it wrong.
Condescension? Isn't that the very hallmark of all the Obama lovers?

Gee fricking whiz!

Or am I just brainwashed by Bushitler and I need your learned liberal ways to see the truth?
Melinda June said…
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