Neil Diamond is stalking me

Every time I turn on radio, he's coming to America or believing or singing some song blue or smiling at good ole Cracklin' Rose.

Obviously he's got a new album out. Which I have no desire to purchase. Whenever I hear him sing, I have the overwhelming need to clear my throat, or perhaps hand him a lozenge.

Perhaps if he brought me flowers I'd feel differently.


Thymm Symmz said…
I heard Neil in concert once about a thousand years ago. He was surprisingly good! Oh my god is he still alive?!
I'd be careful if I were you. If you search CPW for "Mary Jane" or "Mary Ellen" (the names are interchangeable to me) you'll find my story of a nasty woman who listens to Neil on the subway.

But didn't you love him in that one movie about that one guy with the bitchy girlfriend?
Mnmom said…
I can't stand Neil Diamond.
Melinda June said…
Alive and well and releasing new songs.

Yes, CP, but that was because I love Jack Black and he TOLD me to love him.

Solidarity, mnmom. Solidarity.
Dale said…
I was disappointed he didn't wear his sideburns and shiny shirt on American Idol when he was hawking his album.

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