I don't know my own strength

I think I've entered a new phase in life.

50-something guys seem to be drawn to me. It's been a joke for some time at work that we're sure to get the sale if they take me to present to a middle aged male client, but lately they've been pursuing me at social occasions, as well. I actually had one stroking my cheek and trying to get me drunk at a work function earlier this week. (He failed. I quickly found a handsome male friend and made him stick with me until the other guy got tired and went away.)

This is very odd.


Mnmom said…
Or really flattering. Old guys are SO bad. I'd still date Paul Newman. Other hot old guys:
Donald Sutherland (I'm strange)
Cesaer Milan, the guy on Dog Whisperer
Michael Chiarillo, Food Network
Tony Bennett
michaelg said…
Ewwww, MNMom. Tony Bennett? No you wouldn't. Now if you had said Ed Harris, we would be having another conversation.
Min, you didn't specify if the older guys who hit on you are hawt. If so, a little temporary objectification might not be a bad thing.
Cup said…
You just can't cool the hotness, Melinda June.
Mnmom said…
Ed Harris - yes, I'm a believer.
Melinda June said…
Seriously, mnmom. Tony Bennett???

Ed Harris, on the other hand, okay.

Some of them are kind of toady, but some are really handsome. I just don't want to acknowledge that they are age appropriate for me.

Beth, I guess you're right. You can't cool the hotness. Such a burden. How do you handle it?
michaelg said…
Um, dear. You may hate me forever, but we are closer to 50 than 30. (Though we don't look it, do we?) Jump on the older ones that are handsome. I've always like older men and can live vicariously through you.
Scott J. said…
Horny old Englishmen can't resist a sexy American accent on a brainy, funny girl. Relish the power!

Girl, you'll be a woman someday... oh, girl... hmm hmm hmmm hmm hmmmmm
Mnmom said…
Let me clarify - Tony Bennett in the 1960's. I can't resist those Italians.
MJ - like my Mom always said, "if you got it, flaunt it!"
lulu said…
You know, when I was 23, I liked 35-year-old guys. Now I am 43. I still like 35-year-old guys.

Just for the record. Steve, who we all know is just about the most perfect guy out there, turned 50 last October.
Thymm Symmz said…
That's funny....now that I'm 50, it's the 30-something guys that are attracted to me. Life is funny.
Melinda June said…
If only these 50 something guys were like you , Timmy. Sigh.

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