Shameless Begging

First one to send me some Necco Sweetheart Conversation Hearts wins my eternal love. Seriously. I wouldn't joke about something like this.


Dale said…
Is this what you want? I had to. I just had to.
Melinda June said…
That's mighty fine, but unless they taste like clove and cinnamon and orange, they're a nice-to-have. You get a passing fancy. And maybe a kiss if I've had enough to drink.
Dale said…
Send me your address. :-)
Melinda June said…
ooo. talk like that is going make a girl blush, mister.
Dale said…
Talk like that might get you more than Necco hearts.
Oh my God, get a room you two.
Dale said…
Soon, I hope. And please, no Neccophiliac jokes. Thank you.

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