Stinking Jetlag, 2007

Funny how, approximately one year ago I was posting about the same damn thing. It's those stupid night flights. If it weren't for those missionaries I could have slept, I tell you. Instead I'm on the couch listening to the birds chirp (they usually start about 3 and go hog wild for a few hours,) and watching an old episode of Monarch of the Glen.


Pam said…
Heh heh. You said hog wild. You can take the girl out of Ohio...
Cowboy up you wuss. That or get a prescription to Ambien.
Cup said…
I haven't been sleeping much lately, due to life upheavals and ridiculous workloads. Too bad we're five hours apart, or we could chat.
Melinda June said…
You're right Pam. Except it's worse. It's Iowa. We know from hogs in Iowa.

I know, BAP. You're more of a man than I am. But you should be.

Sorry you're not sleeping, either, beth. It would be great to have a fellow insomniac to chat with at 3AM.

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