Eastenders update

That nice ginger, Bradley, has been corrupted by the posh girls of the City and dumped his trashy-rough-around-the-edges-but-heart-of-gold girlfriend, Stacey Slater. Stacey, in her upset, was easily seduced by his slick ginger daddy, Max. Who has a lovely wife who will kick his sorry ass out of the house if he doesn't watch himself. Stacey is, of course back to her old carelessly spiteful ways.

Sonja gave the evil Pauline a slap on Christmas, and now Pauline has dropped dead. (Literally. On a walk through the square to make up with Martin and Sonja.) Little Rebecca saw Sonja do it, and she told Dot. Dot called the police during the funeral, and now Martin thinks Sonja killed his mother and has taken Rebecca away from her. Sonja was arrested, but Phil offered her a flash lawyer to help her and she is now out uncharged. Martin is very angry and won't speak to her. A policeman just showed up with bad news, but not sure what.

Somehow, Honey is now hugging Petal/Janet and she and Billy are happy again, in spite of the Downs Syndrome. I think the Downs might just be the Mitchell genes. Look at Phil.

Dawn is carrying Rob's child, but May is fine with it because they plan to adopt it. Dawn is thinking about reneging on the deal. I think May's a mug. Her husband is a philandering jerk.

Trashy, drunken slapper Shirley came back and wanted Kevin to let her see the kids and he said no and humiliated her in a public restroom. Dino and the blonde auto mechanic chick (what's her name.....Carly!) found out and were furious with Kev. Carly seems to have forgiven him, but Dino is in a slump and can't stop watching telly. Or maybe he's just looked at his entrepreneurship case pack.


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