Back with a bang

We start Term 2 on Friday. It begins with an Outward Bound - style retreat in Derbyshire, which means I'll be stomping around in the Peak District in the rain. Or maybe snow, as it's supposed to be about -10C next weekend. It is the kickoff of part two of OBPPD, so I wonder what it will tell me about myself? I'm suspecting it will tell me that I'm a whinger who hates cold weather.

CP has a friend who once sent her boyfriend on a Outward Bound retreat because she wanted him to propose and thought he needed to get serious about his life and get in touch with what he really wanted. When she picked him up at the airport after his time in the wilderness, he told her they needed to talk. He wanted something else out of life and broke up with her. She asked OB for a refund.

That sounds about right.


Joe said…
Sadly, I suspect that there will be no cocktail lounge at your retreat. Make sure you bring a flask and some good reading material.
That is one of my favorite stories. I keep forgetting to blog about it. The best part is that after her tirade, they suggested she go on "Outward Bound" herself, at which point she had a complete fit.
Joe said…
Oh that is rich. Let's hear all the details, come on.
That's pretty much it. Let's just say this friend of ours was (at the time) a little "difficult" at times, which more than one boyfriend found hard to take after a few years. So she had problems getting the relationships to progress to the proposal stage. Her going apeshit on the "Outward Bound" people (although I love it that she did that) is just one example in a long line of her "high maintenance" actions.
Ruth999 said…
I had a friend who had to do one of these on her MBA. Against the rules, she took her Gold card with her. That first night her group got so miserable that they ordered a taxi and took off to the nearest hotel!
Melinda June said…
Bubs, the nice part is that in England you can find booze anywhere. These people, they likey the liquor.

Sorry to steal your thunder, CP. But it's a very good story.

Do you have the name of the hotel, Ruth?

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