Message to clowns

Listen up, clowns. You're creepy and you smell funny. No one likes you.

Seriously. NO ONE, not even jugglers and mimes.

Go away.



wonderturtle said…
Addendum to costumed characters with their faces covered (i.e. The Easter Bunny, Disney Mice, etc.):
You too.
Dale said…
The only clown I've ever liked is in the old song by Gary Lewis & The Playboys -- Everybody loves a clown, so why don't you....
Unknown said…
I freaking HATE clowns!
Joe said…
Hey, have you been peeking at my site lately?

Relax. The clowns can't hurt you.

Except when they visit you in your dreams.
Kireliols said…
Even clowns hate clowns- they can't muster up sympathy for themselves so they have to paint their tears on.
I guess I don't know clowns at all. Neither does Joni Mitchell. Oh wait, that's clouds. Damn.
Melinda June said…

dale - damn straight.

bubs - of course, I've been reading your site. But, oddly, I proclaimed this fact mid-vacation, as well.

kirelimel - those tears are yet ANOTHER reason to hate them.

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