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It's been a slow few days here. This cold I have, well, it's getting better but I still make a rattly/wheezy noise if I exhale deeply, which is, I think, not good. I spent the weekend in bed hoping to kick this thing out of my system. Which meant very little internet time and not nearly enough studying. Curse you, long naps!

It is a busy week at work. Made busier by the nagging of internal "customers" with urgent needs that have nothing to do with the deadlines I have to meet this week. One deadline is an internal deadline, so I guess I'll cut them some slack. But the rest of them are just plain pesky ratsos. (Why is fatso in the spell check but ratso isn't?)

They're painting our offices, as well, so each day I sit in the cold caused by the open windows. It smells like paint anyway, so perhaps we'd be better off just shutting them and staying warm. Today I had to answer all the phones for my team because everyone was out for the day except me and Mel, who is pregnant, and who worked in another area of the building to avoid the fumes. Which meant I struggled to meet my deadline for today since I kept getting sidetracked by interlopers wanting our mailing address or an update on the space they were holding.

I have an exam in ENT (entrepreneurship) on Friday morning. I have resigned myself to not doing well. I plan to pass it, but not with any kind of stellar mark. I'm too busy and I need to go to bed instead of staying up studying.

I don't have classes on Saturday this week, though, so I have a relatively easy school week...just the exam and two regular classes. I can handle that. And one of those classes is globalization, which they even spell with the "z". It's my favourite. I think I should have been an economist.

I made a Burmese curry tonight. The house smells of fish sauce, chili and lime. Fish sauce tastes better than it smells, in case you were wondering.

I like to listen to music when I fall asleep. I can't until Wednesday, though, because I need to buy a new player for the bedroom. I am quite broke until then. I have paper money in my wallet, so I'm not THAT broke, but I think I'll be down to coins before tomorrow's out.

I deleted the post about the dude I work with because I didn't want him to find out and be offended. He rocks, and I'd hate to upset him. Personally, I think it's a good thing to resemble Big Boy. Big Boy is foxy. But you never know how people will take things.

I have two piercing holes in my left ear. One is in the upper part of the lobe, the other matches the hole on the right. I don't wear anything in the upper hole and haven't for years. Until today. I put my giant hoop in the wrong hole and didn't notice until about noon when I looked in the bathroom mirror and puzzled as to why my head looked lopsided.

My teeth need a brush. And a floss, for that matter.

I don't like John McCain. And I don't think he's plain-spoken. Or reasonable. I think he's a dootyhead. Yes, you heard it here first. John McCain is a dootyhead.

I wish gay people could get married. It would be a better world if they could.

I watched Tim Russert yesterday afternoon, and that one Republican candidate from Missouri was on about how we shouldn't be destroying institutions that have worked for generations, and he said that gay people are nice folks but shouldn't be so selfish by demanding to redefine marriage and family structure with all their civil ceremonies and adopting.

I wonder if he also feels that way about slavery? The same argument applies, really. Slavery was an institution dating back to biblical times. Even further, for pete's sake. Perhaps we should be rethinking that after all. I'm not sure if Mr. Huckabee would be down with some of the photos he'd get if he image-googled "slave", though. Though you never know with Republicans.

HUCKABEE. That's his name. Has he actually considered that if he won we'd have a President Huckabee? No one will go for that. No sirree. (Huckabee is not in the spell check, FYI.)

But he's better than that Mormon. What kind of name is Mitt, anyway? NOT one, that's what. Imagine the mingling of church and state in THAT administration. Celestial underpants for everyone!

President Clinton. Now THAT has a ring to it. So does President Obama, though, and I like that he's a smoker. Makes him human. Human in a way that's a lot better for the country than being human in an aw-shucks-don't-use-big-words kind of way.

Wait a second. Even better. President Gore.

Sigh. (rattle wheeze)


Joe said…
What a great collection of musings. I'd say, though, that President Edwards has a better ring than any of the others.

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