Mindy deserves equal time

CP and Katie Schwartz are obsessing about the Born Again Kristian who played Blair on Facts of Life.

She always got the attention. Her or her tomboy nemesis/friend, Jo.

I say give Natalie (aka Mindy Cohn) some airtime.

click here. or buy this. Or join this. Or go here, but don't click on the fan site link because it doesn't work.

By the way, why don't I have Mindyheads? I'm chubby. I'm loveable and a bit offbeat. Sure, I wasn't a child star, but I could have been if I'd just found my big break. I had a lisp, for pete's sake.


Joe said…
Oh, you have Mindyheads alright--legions of adoring internet fans.

And we've never even heard your lisp.
Dale said…
I'm tho in the club. But I don't lisp. Poor Natalie getting short shrift.
Min, do a little research and find out if Mindy and Lisa are friends today.

If you don't find anything, maybe that will be the topic of my next letter to LeeWee with Katie!
Plus, what about Tootie??? Who's watching out for her????
Moderator said…
I was a big fan of Joanna Marie Polniaczek.
Melinda June said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melinda June said…
Glad to know I'm worshipped, boys. And, thankfully, the lisp is gone now, unlike Susan Olsen's, which you could still hear on the last Brady reunion show. Though mine should be back any minute if I finish this second cocktail.

You seem like the Jo-lovin' type, Grant. Or are you confusing her with her brother, Phillip, from Alice? Many impressionable youth were thrown into a quagmire of conflicting sexual desires by the dishy, androgynous siblings.
Anonymous said…
I actually saw Tootie in a news story recently. She is pregnant.
Anonymous said…
I heard Tootie AND Mindy will be on Celebrity Fit Club, but NOT on the same team....

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