The colors of my mind

Lucky me. Too many late nights and a weekend in the cold, damp air have felled me with an evil sinus infection. This is the color of things coming out of my nose and lungs. Call me a hypochondriac, but that just ain't right. My head is fuzzy, I feel barfy, and the sides of my nose are painful to the touch.

And the damn swans are back on the pond. Talk about a harbinger of doom.


The color of your nasal discharge? Please tell me you'll never share anything like that ever again.
Dale said…
You really know how to be snotty don't you?

By the way, my few hours with your lovely friends CP and PG were most excellent. You're a very lucky Mindy.
Melinda June said…
Consider it my response to Five Gross Things, CP.

I hear all y'all are quite lovely, as well, dale.

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