Sunday, October 29, 2006

Perm in the water

I've always had body in my hair. It's been wavy. Just enough to give me hair that will do pretty much what I want it to. But not curly hair. Wavy hair.

Then I moved to England. There must be perm solution in the damn water. That, or little beauty elves are putting my hair in curlers every night.

Since I came here, my hair has gotten progressively curlier. We're talking curl-from-the-root, corkscrewy ringlets. It's weird, what since I'm 40 and, other than some grey creeping in (or in my case stampeding like vikings on the pillage). Worse yet, it's made my hair progressively unruly. I haven't had to manage this sort of thing before, so I don't know how. It frizzes. It goes batty askew. When you cut it, be very cautious about the layering or they will give you a giant curl helmet.

Which is what I have now. My hair was too long and needed some shape. Went to a stylist recommended by a friend. And she layered it a little too much. I look ridiculous.

If I dirty it up with product and barrettes I can make it look sort of cool. But not very.

I am very very sad. Amy!!!!!!!!!!! I need you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love curly hair. Unfortunately, you live in a very humid country, so you need product in your hair to keep the frizzies away. But you do need to find a barber that has a specialty for curly hair and they are out there. When I permed my hair I pulled it back in a faux chignon with a banana clip and I thought it looked pretty good.

Bubs said...

Curly hair is great! MizBubs and our youngest both have a head full of it, and they both agreed that their hair was never curlier than the time we spent in Ireland.

Melinda June said...

You know, I've always loved curly hair, too. But now that I have it I don't know what to do! Must hunt down products asap.