Friday, October 27, 2006

Five Things

Group tag from dale. Five things you (or most of you) don't know about me.

1. When I was about eight I got suckered into licking metal on a cold winter's day while I was playing outside of our church waiting for my mom and dad. Sheesh. I hate that I'm gullible.
2. I have on truly abiding hatred for a woman who insulted my eyeliner when I was in college. (It was perhaps a bit thicker than was popular at that time, but I was edgy. It was supposed to be.) That sounds dumb, I know, but she was one of those women who thought she was a notch above everyone. And we had a mutual male friend who she thought liked a weirdo like me a bit too much, so she decided the fault was mine...I was a LOSER. And once she decided someone was a loser, she would say snarky things to their face with a cheshire cat smile to make her friends laugh. Hence the eyeliner remark, phrased as a compliment that made the three crows she was with snicker like a pack of Heathers. Her name was Liz. Many of my friends think she's great. I don't. I think she's a mean-spirited cow, and I wish her ill. See, I'm still mad about it.
3. I like the Lawrence Welk Show.
4. I had a temp job for two weeks at the Cato Institute. I worked on their magazine layout. I got into a fight with Jerry Taylor about recycling.
5. My right pupil doesn't dilate properly, so every picture taken of me with a flash makes me look like a pirate. Arg.


Anonymous said...

Arg! Adds mystery. I, like you, hate snarky make up critics - I copied a teal underline of someone once and I thought they were going to have a cow!

"Oh, I guess you're trying to look like me copying my eyeliner."


lulu said...

I hate women like that. They give the rest of us a bad name. I adore my women friends, but ugh, there are so many nasty girls out there who never figured out that life is not a compitition.

Beth said...

Good list. I hate that bitch Liz, too, and her entire group of types. And, to support you, I'm slathering on the eyeliner tonight.

I used to love watching "The Lawrence Welk Show" while getting dressed for a Saturday night on the town. Wonder if my local PBS station is still playing it at 7 p.m. ...

Melinda June said...

Solidarity, my sistahs!

I'd be you can find LW, beth. I watch it every time I'm home, and have found it in Seattle, Minneapolis, DC, and New York.

Coaster Punchman said...

Have you guys seen Mike?

Melinda June said...

Yes. Yes, we have. More than YOU have, in fact. Jealous much?

Dale said...

Don't feel bad Melinda June, I licked metal on a winter's day without provocation, I'm a total loser.

I'm laughing at Beth's Liz comment.

Nothing wrong with Larry and the bubbles is there? I used to love to see Bobby and Cissy dance and Myron Floren with the whatchamacallit.