New year, new beginning

I've not been myself the last few months. And now that's going to change. So I've deleted my posts since I moved back (except for christmas memories, which are timeless,) and I'm starting with a clean slate.

Thus, I am reborn.

Happy New Year, folks!


michaelg said…
We love you no matter who you are in any given moment.

Can I tell people you are a born again?
Dale said…
Brilliant idea, happy birthday!
Joe said…

Happy New Year! Get in touch some time?
Melinda June said…
Absolutely not.
Melinda June said…
to Dale: Thanks, baby! Come to Chicago and visit, now that CP is no longer in NYC...surely we can offer you some American Urban Fun?

to Bubs: Absolutely! In fact, you are on my list of calls to make this week! I've put you as my reward for finishing my resume revisions this afternoon.
Mnmom said…
Me too!
No more negative thinking, no more lamenting about our financial situation. Only positive productive thoughts.

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