I so missed the trend

I just read an article about things that are now "out". Cupcakes are one of them. This is so not fair. Cupcakes ROCK. The whole giant-luxury-cupcake-as-impulse-buy trend never hit the UK, and outside of that one Sex and the City episode, I didn't even know there was a cupcake revolution happening back at home. So now, just when I discover the joys of a Red Velvet cupcake, or a S'more cupcake with homemade marshmallow on top, THEY go and declare cupcakes obsolete, passe, the Furby of the pastry world.

All I'm saying is apparently THEY have not recently had a delightful treat from Bleeding Heart Bakery or Angel Food. Perhaps they should give them another chance. Killjoys.


Mnmom said…
Well let's buck the system. MORE CUPCAKES!!
Doc said…
I work in a bakery and I can tell you cupcake sales have been falling in the last year despite our new line of premium cupcakes: tirimisu, peanut butter and banana, and coffee almond.

No luck. I can't even give these away.

NO! Cupcakes are still glorious!
Melinda June said…
SEE?! Doc, that's TRAGIC that the peanut butter and banana cupcakes aren't walking out of the store. Mnmom is right. Screw them! Let's all buy cupcakes today!

EMQ, I'm due to call you for coffee. Maybe we should meet at BH or AF for a cap and cup?
Little Sister said…
Have you had any of the savory cupcakes?? Like BLT cupcake? I read about these and just thought, eewe. I want SUGAR, FAT, and TONS OF FROSTING...and I prefer the texture of a reall BLT too much.

I need a good dose of city, Mindy. And, I need some of your savvy fashion advice. Call me...
michaelg said…
I hope they don't go out of style before I can have a luxury cupcake. Perhaps you can bring me one when I come to Chicago in APRIL for a big quilt show in Rosemont.
A bacon cupcake with sugar sounds pretty damn tasty.
Joe said…
I love cupcakes, but I hardly ever eat them. Usually when someone brings them in at work for a party. I've never bought a cupcake at a bakery either. The thing is, I love cupcakes, and my bride makes absolutely fantastic cupcakes. So why am I not doing my part to make them more popular?

I gotta get going and make some cupcakes.
lulu said…
The cupcakes tonight were delish (in fact they might have been C******lishious)
I need to state for the record that I have never liked Magnolia cupcakes. People just lined up around the block because of those SKIBS (Sex in the City bitches.) The place itself was really cute like a grandma's kitchen, but the cupcakes themselves were just bake-sale quality, even if the frosting was pretty. Now at Magnolia the thing to get, and the thing that Trendy Wendy made fun of me for at my wedding, was the banana pudding (yes, made with Nilla Wafers.) THAT is what cost us $20 (for 3 servings) and was totally worth it. I would NEVER have bought a $20 cupcake at Magnolia. Just saying.

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