Unsolicited product endorsement - Dorset Cereals

Food is a part of daily life and, especially as someone who treats cooking and eating like a hobby, it's a fundamental part of my memories of people, places and events. Pigs-in-a-blanket remind me of eating at a table where my feet didn't touch the floor, and my mom making a special meal just for my brother and me. Grilled fish reminds me of my friend Pam or of the time our friend Kip tried to make us salmon it took about seven hours. Muffins remind me of Uptown Espresso in Seattle, because they made a killer rhubarb one that was the size of your head. Grilled chicken reminds me of my dad, especially if it's a little over done. Dim Sum reminds me of Tom and George.

In every stage of my life, I make food memories that follow me, and when I want to really cuddle with that part of my history I simply find that food and savor it, and it's as close to being there as it gets.

In England, one of my favorite things was Dorset Cereals. They were an entrepreneurial group who made muesli and other wholesome-y cereals chock full of nuts and dried fruits and whole grains and flavor. I would have some for breakfast most days, usually with a bit of yogurt and a glass of pink grapefruit juice. Dorset Cereals are fine fine examples of what cereal can be. The flavors are complex, they are sweet without artifice, and it sticks to your ribs and gets you going for the day - an imperative where breakfast is concerned. When I moved back to the US I bid them goodbye, and though I tried a few things that seemed similar when I got here, nothing quite compared. It all tasted like something you'd get on a breakfast buffet at some low-end hotel in Switzerland. So I switched to toast.

And then about a month ago I decided to try making a Nigela Lawson bread, and I sent Beth to Whole Foods to pick up the ingredients. The bread's basically whole wheat bread flour, milk, yeast and muesli, so I asked her to pick one that looked delicious....it really does make the bread. And what did she bring back? Dorset Cereals simply delicious muesli. Yippee! Whole Foods carries the whole line! I am saved!

My favorites are the Berries and Cherries and Fruit, Nut and Fiber. But I've tried them all and there's not a bad one in the bunch, so go with your gut. They're about $4.89 a box and I know this seems high, but considering that each box is almost two weeks of breakfast it really isn't as expensive as it seems. And it is well worth the price, if you ask me.

Now my only problem is the package directions for enjoyment. I get the milk and yogurt options, but fruit juice? Who puts orange juice on their cereal?


lulu said…
I like apple juice on cereal, although my favorite on granola is hot milk. YUM
Mnmom said…
Have you tried NAKED granola? I love that stuff, but it's rather pricey.

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