GI distress on steroids

There's a stomach bug going around and, never one to miss a trend, I caught it with a vengeance. I woke up about 3AM Friday, and I felt like there was kind of an electric charge in my system. I was almost twitchy. It didn't make any sense. And then I realized that it was an adrenalin surge to get me up and running across the hall. Thank God for adrenalin.

This has been a flu of biblical proportions. Friday I actually considered just sleeping in the bathroom, but opted to just stay in bed and hope my sprints to the bathroom got further apart. Yesterday I made it to the couch, but that was an effort. Bethany tells me I have to eat something, anything...and so I've managed some applesauce, a half a packet of saltines and some dry toast. And some Squirt. I'd make jello, but I can't bear to be in the kitchen.

I haven't answered my phone because my voice is weak and it hurts to think. I started tweeting again yesterday, but it takes too much thought to respond to others' tweets on my phone. (That @ symbol is a pain to find on my phone.)

I've also noticed that TV isn't nearly as much fun when you're sick. There's a lot of programming you can't watch. I never realized how much I rely on Dirty Jobs and the Food Network to provide mindless entertainment. Instead, I've had to fill in with on-Demand programs and a day-long Monk marathon on USA. God knows how I'll get by today. I'll try reading, but I've already got a bit of a headache and I'm not hopeful. Plus my concentration is not great, so I'll need to find a book that requires none.


Little Sister said…
I hope that you are feeling better. I have not had that kind of flu in a long time, it sounds awful! Thank goodness for saltines and 7-up.
Mnmom said…
I had that last winter. It was the kind of flu where, like my Mom used to say "you're afraid you'll die, then you're afraid you won't!" I was too weak to sit up at the toilet and instead lay on the floor with plastic shopping bags. And there is something about being older that does not allow us to "snap back" as quickly as we used to.

You have ALL my sympathy.
michaelg said…
Oh lord that sounds miserable. I hope you're feeling better soon. Have you tried sipping Blackberry Brandy? (As if you have some handy.)
If you happen to poop in your pants while wretching, please be sure to blog about it.
Melinda June said…
Thanks, all.

MG, not only is that disgusting, but I'm too busy pooping my pants while wretching to do much blogging.

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